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Nešporová, Olga. 2008. „Rodiče a domov rodičů.“ Pp. 95-103 in Rychtaříková, Jitka, Věra Kuchařová (eds.). Rodina, partnerství a demografické stárnutí. Praha: VÚPSV, v.v.i. 169 s. ISBN 978-80-87007-75-4.

For every individual childhood and the years spent growing up are an important period in life, a period when a person usually has very close ties to his/her parents, when parents make decisions on behalf of their children, provide them with an adequate living environment, and teach them basic social skills. However, a personĺs relationship to his/her parents is a life-time affair which does not end upon reaching adulthood. It continues to evolve throughout a personĺs life. The chapter presents some basic information on the childhood of respondents and their lives with their parents, and it provides an idea of when people in the Czech Republic tend to become independent and leave the parental home. The chapter also describes how satisfied respondents who living independently are with their relationships with their parents, how far away from them they live, and how often they visit their parents.


intergenerational relations
human relations
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