Peer-reviewed journal article
Nešporová, Olga

Samostatné bydlení mladých - mezinárodní komparace (Bulharsko, Česko a Nizozemsko)

Nešporová, Olga. 2011. „Samostatné bydlení mladých - mezinárodní komparace (Bulharsko, Česko a Nizozemsko).“ FÓRUM sociální politiky 5 (3): 2-7. ISSN 1802-5854.

The study compares the similarities and differences in young peopleĺs transition to housing independence from their parents in three European countries - Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands ľ in the context of west European societies (EU15). The purpose was to find whether the Czech and Bulgarian societies are closer to the northern or southern type and whether the differences grounded in the historical and demographic division of west and east Europe persist to this day. The timing of leaving home is influenced to a considerable degree by external structural factors and social customs. Czechs are closer to the northern model of becoming independent from parents, while Bulgarians are closer to the southern model.