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Večerník, Jiří. 2001. „Sociální zprávy v České republice po roce 1989.“ Sociologický časopis 37 (3): 329-341. ISSN 0038-0288.

In the contribution, we have compiled a comprehensive (but probably not exhaustive) overview of the main undertakings that are in some way oriented towards social reporting. In individual sections, the production of the following institutions and/or in the following areas is described: 1) statistical office, 2) government and governmental bodies, 3) international organisations, 4) commissioned and comparative research, 5) academic and research institutions, 6) the project ‘Social Trends’, 7) the Social Report of the Czech Republic. While the academic and applied social research is somewhat atomised in space and discontinuous in time, the current Czech government seems to be more committed to endeavour to synthesise reporting and/or forecasting. Activities related to the EU accession may also be supportive for better social information. Together with surveys already collected in the ‘Sociological Data Archive’, there is certainly enough data to be summarised and analysed. However, only one social report, strictly speaking, has been released so far and the related focused activity in this direction was terminated soon after.

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