Chapter in monograph
Sedláčková, Markéta. 2003. „Sociologická teorie důvěry Piotra Sztompky.“ Pp. 73-102 in Šubrt, Jiří. Acta Universitatis Carolinae - Philosophica et Historica (Studia Sociologica XIII - Aktér, instituce, společnost). Praha: Karolinum. ISBN 80-246-0653-4.

The article presents the sociological theory of trust of Polish sociologist Piotr Sztompka. In his book Trust: A Sociological Theory (1999) Sztompka offers the summary of existing sociological concepts of trust and attemps to clarify the notion of trust and to categorize it. Finally he constructs his own structural model of social becoming of culture of trust and applies it to analysis of Polish society during transformation. Sztompka´s theory is compared to other theorists of trust, namely Francis Fukuyama and Anthony Giddens.


trust/social cohesion
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