Peer-reviewed journal article
Uhde, Zuzana. 2010. „On Sources of Structural Injustice: A Feminist Reading of the Theory of Iris M. Young.“ Human Affairs 20 (2): 151-166. ISSN 1210-3055.

The author focuses on a critical theory of justice and democracy by Iris M. Young. Young's normative approach to justice and the institutional framework of inclusive democracy develops out of her critique of injustice. In the first part the author explains Young's approach to structural injustice, which she conceptualizes in terms of domination and oppression. In the second part the author elucidates Young's concept of the politics of difference and inclusive democracy. In this context Young differentiates between social and cultural groups; this enables her to consider the political significance of group differences. The author goes on to present Young's critical theory of gender based on the notion of women as a social structural group. In the final part the author discusses the application of Young's concept of structural injustice at a transnational level and she concludes with an outline for a feminist reading of the concept of structural injustice in a transnational context.

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