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Císař, Ondřej, Jiří Navrátil, Kateřina Vráblíková. 2011. „Staří, noví, radikální: politický aktivismus v České republice očima teorie sociálních hnutí.“ Sociologický časopis / Czech Sociological Review 47 (1): 137-167. ISSN 0038-0288.

The goal of this text is to offer a systematic analysis of political activism
in the Czech Republic. The article fi rst differentiates between and theoretically
defi nes three types of political activism. These are old, new, and radical
types of activism. The fi rst is primarily represented by trade unions, the
second by organisations with a post-materialistic orientation, and the third by
political groups positioned on the far right and left. To analyse them, the text
utilises selected tools of social movement theory. Drawing on this theory, the
article shows the differences between the three activist types in the following
dimensions: action repertoire, political opportunity structure (context),
organisational resources, and so-called transactional capacity, which captures
the ability of activist organisations to cooperate among themselves. The text
analyses data from both protest event analysis (PEA Czech Republic) and
a survey of Czech activist groups (SMO Czech Republic).


civil society
politics (and political attitudes)
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