Chapter in monograph
Hamplová, Dana, Pavla Horská

Stručné poznámky o ideových přístupech k rodině v období socialismu

Hamplová, Dana, Pavla Horská. 2001. „Stručné poznámky o ideových přístupech k rodině v období socialismu.“ Pp. 107-118 in Mares, Antoine, Pavla Horská. Česko-francouzský dialog o dějinách evropský rodiny. Praha: CEFRES. 125 s. ISBN 80-86311-05-8.

The work describes theoretical approaches towards the family from 50s to 80s. The emphasis is especially placed on the Marxist ideology and sociology of family and on the practical implications of these theories. The first phase of the communist regime in 50s was characterised by a strongly anti-family rhetoric and politics, and this was weakened only in 60. Functionalist approach towards the family and endeavour to fight against bourgeois familiarism was typical for the period of 70s and 80s.


history of sociology
social policy