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Tabery, Paulína, Hanzlová, Radka, Spurný, Martin. 2021. „Veřejné mínění o vzdělávání – Sekundární analýza.“ Sociologický ústav AV ČR, v. v. i. (výzkumná zpráva)

This final report is the first of seven research reports produced within the project Public(s), education and education policy: values, attitudes, reasoning, and experience (short title Public opinion on education). The project aims to map the views of different publics (actors) on education policy measures, assuming that these views are linked to broader attitudes towards education and the values held by actors in relation to education. The present report first introduces its objectives, followed by a review of research in the field of education that relates to the views of the public (important actors) on education and education policy, particularly those that are conducted on a regular basis, for which primary datasets can potentially be obtained for further analysis. This is followed by a presentation and summary of the substantive findings of the survey. In addition to the basic findings, which have already been presented in the original final reports, further analyses are also presented, primarily aimed at testing the questions used in more depth in terms of measuring particular theoretical concepts. The report includes two appendices: a list of variables and a tabular appendix. The list of variables serves as a practical guide for those who want to work further with the data, create questioning instruments, or commission or implement research. The tabular annex provides comprehensive information on the second-level classifications according to the basic socio-demographic variables and thus gives an overview of the distribution of responses in each subgroup, which it was not practical to describe in detail in the text of the final report.

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