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Petrúšek Ivan. 2018. „Vnímání příjmových nerovností a preference ohledně rozdělení příjmů v České republice.“ Politická ekonomie 66(5), 550–568. ISSN 2336-8225. Available from:

Representative survey of adult population is used to analyse perceptions of existing income inequality and preferences for ideal income distribution in the Czech Republic. On average, Czechs view the distribution of disposable income as more unequal than it actually is. This biased perception results from underestimating total income shares belonging to bottom quintiles and overestimating total income share belonging to the top income quintile. Whereas majority of Czechs prefer some level of income stratification, there are about four tenths of people who would prefer to live in a completely equal society. These are primarily older, less educated and lower income people whose preferences formulated under uncertainty are mostly consistent with maximin principle and inequality aversion. Almost a fifth of Czechs would prefer an income distribution consistent with efficiency concerns.


wages and incomes
politics (and political attitudes)
social inequalities
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