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Hamplová, Dana. 2001. „Výsledky šetření a reprodukce (FFS).“ Pp. 38-70 in Rychtaříková, Jitka, Simona Vymětalová, Dana Hamplová. Diferenciace reprodukčního a rodinného chování v evropských populacích. Sociologické texty / Sociological Papers 01:10. Praha: Sociologický ústav AV ČR. 83 s. ISBN 80-7330-004-4.

Despite many similarities, family behaviour varies in European countries. Peoples not only take various attitudes but they also differ in real behaviour especially in regards with type of union (marriage and cohabitation) and fertility. The first part of this study offers an overview of demographic development in recent years. The second and third parts are dedicated to Family and Fertility Survey (FFS). The text concentrates on 4 basic questions: leaving parental home, age and type of the first partnership, partnership dissolution and fertility behaviour.

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Rychtaříková, Jitka, Simona Vymětalová, Dana Hamplová


human relations
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