Machonin, Pavel, Lumír Gatnar, Milan Tuček. 2000. Vývoj sociální struktury v české společnosti 1988-1999. Sociologické texty / Sociological Papers 00:6. Praha: Sociologický ústav AV ČR. 63 s. ISBN 80-85950-82-0.

The study provides the first basic information about the results of the representative
sociological survey „Ten Years of Transformation in the Czech Republic“ related to the
economically active population. It compares social stratification data from 1993 and the end of
1999, showing that the social differentiation deepened and that the status consistency did not
increase any more. This was caused by the problems that slowed down the economic growth in
the second half of the 1990s. The intrageneration social mobility continued to take place on a
large scale, with the superiority of the upward motion which, however, increased more slowly in
comparison with the downward one. The statistical data warn of the impacts of sudden increase
in unemployment in the course of the last years. Another section of the study analyses statistical
data concerning the progress of modernization where difficulties with the developments of
science and research as well as education have been stated.


social inequalities
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