Nešporová, Olga, Kamila Svobodová, Lucie Vidovićová. 2008. Zajištění potřeb seniorů s důrazem na roli nestátního sektoru. Praha: VÚPSV, v.v.i. 85 s. ISBN 978-80-87007-96-9.

The text gives an overview of the current situation in the field of social services for older people with an emphasis on the fragile elderly provided by nongovernmental, not-for-profit bodies. The report has three main parts linked by the concept of needs. The first part of the report provides a comprehensive overview of the ageing of the Czech population and its impact on the present and future needs of social care services. The second part summarises the concept of needs and their specific forms in old age from the sociological and socio-psychological points of view. Empirical part of this chapter introduces secondary analysis of Czech, as well as comparative international, surveys on social care provision and housing preferences in old age. The third part firstly outlines the formal as well as informal providers of social care available in the Czech Republic and subsequently several cases of nongovernmental organizations providing services for seniors are introduced. This part uses data from a qualitative
inquiry into the situation and experiences of third sector social care providers. On the basis of their knowledge, problematic issues, questions and possible intervention are defined.


civil society
age and ageing
public policy
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