Paper published in conference proceedings
Buchtík, Martin

Larp as an Alternative Medium: A Sociological Perspective

Buchtík, Martin. 2014. „Larp as an Alternative Medium: A Sociological Perspective.“ Pp. 274-279 In: in: Pavlíckova, T., Reifová, I.C. (eds.). Media, Power and Empowerment – Central and Eastern European Communication and Media Conference CEECOM Prague 2012. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4438-6396-4.

The aim of the paper is to introduce larp (short for live action roleplay) as an alternative form of medium. I argue that larping has grown into a quite specific medium with a unique combination of characteristics; however, it is still on the borders of game, improvised drama, artistic happening and experience education. I show how participants are encouraged to escape reality, explore it, how they are exposed to it or even how they could change it. Finally, I focus on the possibilities and limitations of larping as a participatory medium. I conclude that larp should not be a widespread medium, although it is very effective in affecting its selected audience.