Trvání projektu: 
2020 - 2023

This comparative research project will examine the associations between attitudes towards governmental spending on welfare, perceived quality of government, trust in government, and citizens’ perceptions and experience of corruption. The findings from previous studies, using individual-level data from Europe, have often been generalised to the whole world without accounting for possible differences in citizens’ perceptions of the welfare state and corruption. Using multilevel modelling and ISSP data that include countries in Europe and beyond, this research project aims to fill this important gap in the literature.

Research visits are crucial for the success of this project. Planned visits to Griffith University (Australia) and Leuven University (Belgium) will ensure the validity of the cross-country comparison and guarantee selection of the best methodological approach respectively.


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důvěra/sociální koheze
hodnotové orientace
sociální politika
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