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Kolářová, Marta. 2007. „Gender v protestu sociálních hnutí proti globalizaci.“ Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum 8 (2): 7-14. ISSN 1213-0028. Dostupné z:

The paper is a review of literature on gender aspects of social movement's protest against globalization. It divides the movements according to gender of participants to grassroots women's movements against globalization, gender-neutral anti-globalization movement and masculine movements that express anti-globalization stance. It focuses specifically on activism against sweatshop labor and its transnational networks, connections, and its positive and negative effects. It analyses the gender aspects of the anti-globalization movement and its relation to feminism and feminist movement. It deals with the problem why it is difficult to incorporate gender into the critique of globalization and at the same time to add anti-capitalist view to feminist movement. The authoress argues that neoliberal globalization activates on one side efforts to emancipate women from oppressive (working) conditions while it incites masculine, patriarchal reactions on the other side of the globe. The militaristic masculine movements together with the neoliberal global masculinity are threats for women's movements for liberation.


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