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Machonin, Pavel, Milan Tuček. 1992. „K sociální stratifikaci v Československu 1991.“ Sociologický časopis 28 (5): 649-665. ISSN 0038-0288.

The results of the sociological survey Social Transformation in Czechoslovakia (October 1991) are reviewed from the angle of historical comparison with data from 1967 and 1984. The comparative purpose determines: the use of the multidimensional social status concept; the choice of the status-forming variables and the way of their operationalization; the focus on the individual social status of economically active males; and finally the application of correlation, factor and cluster-analyses as main methods of data organization. The correlation matrix shows a moderate rise of stratification as compared with the de-stratified society in 1984 (however not yet on the level of 1967) and the first signs of a de-totalitarization. By factor-analysis, for the first time an autonomous factor of individual total income level separated itself. The description of 11 relevant social groupings found out by cluster-analysis is presented. The explanatory force of the EGP class-scheme, of the International Socio-Economic Status Index and of the groupings based on cluster-analysis are compared. The latter explains most concretely and objectively the actual social reality of the present-date Czechoslovak society.


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