kapitola v konferenčním sborníku
Maříková, Hana. 2012. „Parents and their caring choices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: The influence of policies or cultural beliefs?“ Pp. 42-45 in Malačič, J., M. Gams (eds). Informacijska družba IS 2012 Zvezek B: Soočanje z demografskimi izzivi. Ljubljana: Institut Jožef Stefan. ISBN 978-961-264-047-7.

This paper contributes to the debate on the relative impact of institutions or cultural values by analyzing parental attitudes to childcare, i.e. by focusing on the micro level of decisions in families instead of the macro level of political decisions andmeasures regarding childcare. Paper is based on analysis of 40 semi-structured interviews done in Prague and Bratislava withparents having a child in the first class of elementary school.


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