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Machonin, Pavel, Milan Tuček. 1992. „Sociální identifikace seskupení podle statusových vzorců 1991.“ Sociologický časopis 28 (6): 795-808. ISSN 0038-0288.

The article represents a continuation of the study Social Stratification in Czechoslovakia 1991 published in Sociologický časopis No. 5/1992. It is also based on the social transformation survey from October, 1991. In the first part, some cross-tabulations are presented. They demonstrate the interdependence between the differentiation of the male population along multidimensional status-pattern groupings (clusters), and six other important variables. The analysis leads to, among others, the discovery that there exists a relatively strong correlation between the official political activities in the "ancient regime" and the positions of people in the social hierarchy of 1991. The enclosed table gives information about the social identifications of all eleven status-pattern groupings by many relevant variables. With this data social portraits of all groupings have been created and four of them are presented in the article. The status-pattern groupings are further classified according to their attitudes to the ongoing social transformation and its future. However, even the multidimensional typological approach to status differentiation revealed a certain ambiguity of attitudes and political behavior among the members of the same status-pattern groupings. The reasons for this phenomenon are analyzed. The solution for these problems is perceived in a large scale international comparative survey being prepared for 1993.


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