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Šimon, Martin

Úspěšná integrace rumunské komunity z Bílé Vody

Šimon, Martin. 2011. „Úspěšná integrace rumunské komunity z Bílé Vody.“ Český lid: Etnologický časopis 98 (2): 155–172.

In this paper I seek to contribute to our understanding of Romanian immigration in the Czech Republic that has been neglected so far in the scholarly literature. This article presents evidence on a selected Romanian community in peripheral village in the Jeseník-region based upon biographic interviews. The emergence and function of the community are refl ected in the migration history of Romanian families, their gradual integration in society and in place of residence (marginalized village). Special emphasis is placed upon crucial moments like emergence of the distinction between Romanians and Roma in the eyes of majority of the society. Positive as well as negative infl uences upon the integration are discussed. The paper shows empirical evidence which is in some aspects contradictory to fi ndings about integration of foreingers in the Czechia as presented by Tollarová (2006). The paper concludes with some consideration about future development of the community.


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