Authors: Lux, Martin, Petr Sunega
This article examines whether housing tenure and regional differences in housing affordability have an impact on labour mobility. This relationship is important for understanding the sources of structural unemployment and impediments to economic growth. Using two sample surveys f...
Authors: Tomay Kyra, Lea Kőszeghy, Lívia Kelenné Török, Martin Šimon
The e-book is especially targeted to practitioners at the local and regional level who face demographic change (ageing, population shrinking, selective migration) in their everyday work, or will be possibly exposed to such changes in the future. Information provided in the e-book...
Authors: Kostelecký, Tomáš, Vobecká, Jana
The article examines the relationship between housing affordability and fertility in the Czech Republic after 1989. An analysis of national data suggests that improving housing affordability might be a factor behind the rise of fertility that has been observed since the beginning...
Authors: Kostelecký, Tomáš
This article concerns problems of housing in the Czech Republic and their regional context. The analysis has been realised onthe basis of data excerpted fromnewspapers advertisement and those placed by selected real estate agencie...
ESA 2015
Na konci srpna, 25.–28. 8. 2015, se bude v Praze konat významná, již 12. mezinárodní sociologická konference Evropské sociologické asociace. Zúčastní se jí rekordní počet 3500 vědců a vědkyň, především z Evropy, ale i z mnoha mimoevropských zemí. Konferenci pořádá Sociologický ús...
Rádi bychom zrekapitulovali tituly, které naši pracovníci a pracovnice vydali v roce 2015. Většinu z nich lze zakoupit prostřednictvím našeho webu, případně u nakladatelů či knihkupců. Některé další materiály jsou dostupné zdarma.
The Sociological Library is a modern specialised library, which is intended to serve the needs of researchers, students, and the wider academic community. Library collection contains just about 25 thousand volumes. All items are available for use in the library study hall and abo...
Head of department: Mgr. Nela Hesová
Authors: Sunega, Petr, Martin Lux
This article examines if regional differences in housing affordability have an impact on labour mobility. This relationship is important for understanding the sources of structural unemployment and impediments to economic growth. A time series regression analysis reveals that the...
The project focuses on the time and space of homeless persons in relation to conditions of a post-socialistic city. Its goal is to describe characteristics, life and time-space paths and everyday life of homeless people in the context of two Czech cities. The project is unique in...
Project duration: 2015 - 2017
Authors: Kostelecký, Tomáš, Martina Mikeszová
The popular image of Prague is that the city is rich and its citizens earn high salaries and have high living standard. The chapter asks two questions: Do higher average salaries of Prague citizens mean higher purchasing power? Are all citizens of Prague better-off than people li...
Authors: Škodová, Markéta (ed.)
The volume contains papers presented at the international Czecho-Slovak Sociology Days, a conference held 10-12 May 2004 in Prague and jointly organised by the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the Institute of Sociology of the Slovak Academ...
Authors: Kuda, František, Martin Lux (eds.)
Authors: Lux, Martin, Martina Mikeszová
The paper focuses on the analysis of regional differences in the affordability of rent housing in the Czech Republic. The analysis is based on a new measurement methodology, reckoning with the inapplicability of the survey sampling for regional segmentation. The aim was to tell w...
Authors: Sunega, Petr
The aim of the article is to highlight the connection between the labour and housing markets, focused on the barriers potentially obstructing the labour migration. Negative influence of growing share of owner-occupied housing on willingness to move was documented for the Czech Re...
Authors: Mikeszová, Martina
The paper addresses an analysis of regional disparities in rental housing affordability in the Czech Republic. In the paper, the issue of measuring housing affordability and the lack of relevant data set(s) are discussed. Additionally, the paper shows selected results of analysis...
Authors: Loquenz, Jan, Šimon, Martin
This paper seeks to introduce readers to a recent trend in migration research. Amenity migration is an emerging concept that focuses on ‘better-environment-seeking’ migration. Firstly, we discuss the basis of amenity migration, its primary driving forces and its...