Authors: Hašková, Hana
Growing difference in Czech men’s and Czech women’s (more liberal) attitudes towards gender roles is analyzed; a shift in income poverty structure towards bigger inclusion of households with children in the country is focused;...
Authors: Čermáková, Marie, Hašková, Hana, Křížková, Alena, Linková, Marcela, Maříková, Hana, Musilová, Martina
Authors: Mysíková, Martina
This study focuses on earnings inequality within dual-earner couples in four Central-East European (CEE) countries: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia. It aims to analyse the factors that influence earnings distribution within couples. The analysis uses OLS regress...
Tým Sociologického ústavu poskytuje v rámci FRAnetu expertízu pro Agenturu Evropské unie pro základní práva (FRA). Tým Sociologického ústavu pracuje ve složení: Tereza Stöckelová (řešitelka, v pozici senior expert), Edit Szénássy, Luca Otáhal, Hana Holubkovová a Daniela Bartáková...
Project duration: 2014 - 2018
Authors: Linková, Marcela, Mladenic, D, Oleksy, E, Palasik, M, Papp, E, Piscová, M, Velichová, D.
The monograph explores the issue of women in science in five countries of Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia). It embeds the issue of women in science in a historical perspective ...
Authors: Maříková, Hana
The paper explores the construction of work and care in various contexts of breadwinning in the Czech Republic. It looks into what importance mothers of small children attribute to work and care in various...
Authors: Křížková, A., L. Formánková
The paper analyses the biographies of women at the intersection of class and gender in the Czech Republic. With the transition towards a market-based economy and a decrease in the symbolic capital of workers in the blue-collar and service fields, and in the context of a familiali...
Authors: Křížková, Alena, Penner, Andrew, M., Petersen, Trond
Using firm-level data from the Czech Republic in the years 1998, 2002, and 2004, we examine whether the introduction of legislative measures for gender equality connected with the accession to the European Unio...
30 May, 2018, Villa Lanna (V Sadech 1, Praha 6)
30. 5. 2018
Foto: Abhisek Sarda | CC BY 2.0
We invite you to the international conference that opens up a space for transdisciplinary discussion of migration, particularly across social anthropology, sociology, political and legal theories and/or philosophy.
Gender a výzkum, ročník 19, číslo 1/2018
Vyšlo nové číslo časopisu Gender a výzkum / Gender and Research (ročník 18, číslo 1/2018).