Authors: Lacina, Tomáš
Authors: Mansfeldová, Zdenka, Barbora Špicarová Stašková
The article examines the perception of national and European identities from the viewpoint of political and economic elite. It examines the components of both identities, the relationship between national and European identities. The study is based on quantitative survey and comp...
Authors: Mansfeldová, Zdenka, Barbora Špicarová Stašková
The chapter focuses on national and European identity and examines, whether Europe is united or still divides concerning the new European identity. First part outlines the multiple natures of identity and different types of territorial attachment; the second one examines the posi...
30. 9. 2016
migrace, bezpečnost a maskulinita
NKC - gender a věda Sociologického ústavu AV ČR zve na diskuzi pořádanou v rámci evropské Noci vědkyň a vědců. Přijďte se dovědět a diskutovat o tom, jaký pohled na role žen a mužů ve společnosti nám nabízí diskuse o bezpečnosti, jakou roli hraje fakt, že bezpečnostní politiku i...
The department of Political Sociology focuses on the systematic study of the basic processes in the democratic political system of the Czech Republic and some of its bodies. Attention is also paid to the social changes in contemporary Czech society, the nature and determinants of...
Head of department: PhDr. Zdenka Mansfeldová, CSc.
Authors: Gatnar, Lumír, Lane, David
<p><strong>Popular opposition and support for different types of the EU integration</strong></p>Lumí<p>Lumír Gatnar and David Lane (Editors)</p><br><p>Selected papers from the third international conference </strong>Elites and...
The goal of the project is to contribute to the enhancement of women participation to economic decision making positions in 6 different EU countries and at the European level.
Project duration: 2014 - 2016
Authors: Guasti, P., Mansfeldová, Z. (eds.)
Democracy, defined as liberal pluralism, is under stress worldwide. Pluralistic democratic institutions: a free press, civil society and the rule of law all seem to be under attack. Democracies are being hollowed out from within while preserving the fundamental facade of election...
The Sociological Library is a modern specialised library, which is intended to serve the needs of researchers, students, and the wider academic community. Library collection contains just about 25 thousand volumes. All items are available for use in the library study hall and abo...
Head of department: Mgr. Nela Hesová
ESA 2015
Na konci srpna, 25.–28. 8. 2015, se bude v Praze konat významná, již 12. mezinárodní sociologická konference Evropské sociologické asociace. Zúčastní se jí rekordní počet 3500 vědců a vědkyň, především z Evropy, ale i z mnoha mimoevropských zemí. Konferenci pořádá Sociologický ús...
Authors: Mansfeldová, Zdenka
The following chapter is dedicated to the discussions on the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty by the Parliament of the Czech Republic and its further implications. The first part deals with the stance of the Czech political elite towards the European integration and its further...