Authors: Linek, Lukáš, Jiří Kabele
Building upon a detailed study of the procedural arrangements and practices of Czech cabinet decision-making and law preparation in the years 1998–2004, the authors examine the question of whether the strategy of coping with legislative demands related to EU accession agend...
The research project analyses the integration of trade unions from the countries of the EU´s Eastern enlargement into EU governance structures. Additionally the project wants to establish which strategies the trade unions follow in their EU-related activities and how they develop...
Project duration: 2012 - 2014
Authors: Klíma, Michal, Zdenka Mansfeldová (eds.)
Authors: Křížková, Alena, Nagy, B., Mrčela Kanjuo, A.
In this article we compare the models of economic transition that have influenced changes in legislation and employment andsocial policies and have an impact on gender equality in the labour markets of three post-sociali...
Authors: Vlachová, Klára, Blanka Řeháková
In this study the authors analyse Czech national identity after the split of Czechoslovakia and before accession to the European Union. National identity is understood here as a construct consisting of several elements, four of which the authors analyse: territorial identity (loc...
16. 5. 2019
Sociologický ústav AV ČR, v.v.i., a katedra sociologie Institutu sociologických studií FSV UK si Vás dovolují pozvat na jarní cyklus Čtvrtečních sociologických seminářů.
Authors: Krejčí, Jindřich
Authors: Lyons, Pat
Many states today are members of a number of systems of multilevel governance such as the UN, WTO, EU and NATO. Consequently, there is increasing scope for states to be presented with conflicting expectations. With the Iraq crisis, states with simultaneous membership of these org...
Authors: Stöckelová, Tereza
European institutions as well as member states have been recently promoting participatory procedures that are proclaimed to contribute to the legitimacy of political regimes and decision-making processes. Discussing three cases in the controversy over GMOs in the Czech Republic a...
Authors: Mansfeldová, Zdenka, Barbora Špicarová Stašková
The article examines the perception of national and European identities from the viewpoint of political and economic elite. It examines the components of both identities, the relationship between national and European identities. The study is based on quantitative survey and comp...
Authors: Mansfeldová, Zdenka, Věra Sparschuh, Agnieszka Wenninger (eds.)
The volume presents a collection of articles and analyses exploring various paths of Europeanisation process in Eastern Europe. The articles provide an interdisciplinary reflection on the eastern enlargement as well as on recent situation in new member states. The volume is divid...
Authors: Nešporová, Olga
The study aims to analytically interlink the optics of individuals and households and focus on their demographic and socio-economic behaviour since 1989 in the Czech Republic, and compare these observations with other EU countries, primarily those of Central Eastern Europe (CEE)....