Authors: Podaná Zuzana, Eva Krulichová
Research on adolescent fear of crime is still relatively limited and often simply applies theoretical explanations proposed for adults. This study strives to extend current knowledge in this field by analyzing the impact of parenting style on fear of crime, namely parental attach...
Je rodina základ státu? A co je základ rodiny? Kdo je máma a kdo táta – a proč se to občas plete? Sledujte 18. díl měsíčníku Fokus Václava Moravce, tentokrát na téma Krize rodiny
Authors: Dudová, Radka, Vohlídalová, Marta
The process of the individualization of the society has already been in progress for several centuries. One of its consequences is the increase of differences among individuals, the advocacy of the individual interests instead of the collective ones and mostly the growth of the s...
Authors: Dudová, Radka
Článek analyzuje právní a politickou regulaci umělého přerušení těhotenství z perspektivy Foucaultovy teorie gouvernementality a bio-moci. Regulace potratů je představena jako příklad způsobu, jakým státní moc ovlivnovala a disciplinovala těla svých subjektů, jakým regulovala pop...
Reg. č. 18-10042S Hl. příjemce projektu: FSV UK  
Project duration: 2018 - 2020
The Gender & Sociology Research Department is the key research institution  in the Czech Republic specialising in gender studies and feminist theory and methodology. The department publishes the transdisciplinary journal Gender and Research devoted to gender studies and femin...
Head of department: PhDr. Alena Křížková, Ph.D.
Authors: Formánková, Lenka, Dobrotić, Ivana
This article considers women’s and men’s roles in the labour market and the different ways in which care-work is shared inSlovenia and the Czech Republic. Effective policy measures can prevent parenting of young children be...
Authors: Blum, S., L. Formánková, I. Dobrotič
The economic crisis has significantly challenged national welfare states and has often led to retrenchment. The question arises how countries have reacted to the crisis in the area of family policy – not directly connected to rising unemployment and also not as demanding fo...
Authors: Křížková, Alena, Penner, Andrew, M., Petersen, Trond
Using firm-level data from the Czech Republic in the years 1998, 2002, and 2004, we examine whether the introduction of legislative measures for gender equality connected with the accession to the European Unio...
Authors: Soukupová, Eva, Petr Sunega
The article focuses on the Czech social system and primarily on the measures and benefits aimed to help single mothers. Through an analysis of the social welfare payment system the authors try to define if, and under what conditions, it is more profitable for mothers to be marrie...
Authors: Hašková, Hana, Dudová, radka
Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches in Life Course ResearchAbstract: Despite the growing number of statistical analyses of life-history data and a long tradition of biographical research, there is often no communication between these two streams of life-course research. It is...
The aim of the research project is to analyze all types of factors influencing the implementation of flexible working arrangements in the Czech Republic. In the analysis we research the flexible working arrangements in the international comparative perspective. We have chosen 5...
Project duration: 2011 - 2012
Authors: Hašková, Hana, Steven Saxonberg (eds.), Jiří Mudrák
Authors of the book reveal and deconstruct seven myths that block open discussion and reforms in the area of childcare policy in the Czech Republic, and formulate the principles of non-discriminatory childcare policy.
Authors: Dudová, Radka, Hašková, Hana
The destabilisation of the institution of mariage has two important consequences: the difficult situation of single and divorced mothers parenting alone, and the loss of fathers involvement in childcare and education.
Authors: Hašková, Hana
The book focuses on the phenomenon of childlessness in the Czech society. Specifically, the aim of the book was to identify the factors contributing to childlessness and the increase in the percentage of the childless in young adult population, and to explore the understanding (d...