Authors: Stöckelová, Tereza, Konopásek, Zdeněk, Zamykalová, Lenka
This article is based on a case study of a long-term public controversy over the construction of a highway bypass (around Plzen,Czech Republic). Two principal variants of the bypass were proposed. One of them began gradually to appear preferable, increasingly attractive for exper...
Authors: Marcela Linková
How to assess quality has become one of the central concerns for contemporary research, not least because of the proliferation of research assessment systems around the globe. Concomitant with this has been the growing attention to factors that compromise the credibility of asses...
Authors: Dvořáčková, J., P. Pabian, S. Smith, T. Stöckelová, K. Šima, T. Virtová.
This publication is the result of a three-year, team-based, ethnographic study of academic and student life in Czech higher education. Five case studies were chosen to reflect a diversity of situations, including elite and peripheral positions, metropolitan and regional locations...
23. 6. 2017
Research and innovation play a key role in the shaping of contemporary societies and creating their possible futures.
Authors: Felt, Ulrike (ed.)
Ulrike Felt is professor of social studies of science since 1999 and head of Vienna STS department. After having finished her PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Vienna in 1983, she worked for nearly five years in an interdisciplinary research team of science historia...
Authors: Linková, Marcela, Mladenic, D, Oleksy, E, Palasik, M, Papp, E, Piscová, M, Velichová, D.
The monograph explores the issue of women in science in five countries of Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia). It embeds the issue of women in science in a historical perspective ...
Building on scholarship in feminist philosophy and social studies of science, the project will examine the role of gender in the production of knowledge contexts and cultures in an East-West perspective in two scientific fields (sociology and biology). While critiques of science...
Project duration: 2006 - 2008
New Press Releases CVVM - February 2016
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Authors: Linková, Marcela, Cidlinská, Kateřina, Fárová, Nina, Maříková, Hana, Tenglerová, Hana, Vohlídalová, Marta
This document is an outcome of the research project "Analysis of Barriers to and Support Strategy for Gender Equality in Science and Research" implemented in 2017 and 2018 by the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences as part of the Operational Programm...
Authors: Fox, Mary Frank, Whittington, Kjersten Bunker, Linková, Marcela
Gender hierarchies in the scientific workforce reflect and reinforce relations of status and power in societies. Concentrating on the United States and European Union, this chapter reveals deep and persistent gender disparities in participation by scientific field, and in perform...
TRIGGER has been designed with the general aim of consolidating the many and valuable results of the process initiated by the EC since more than ten years now in the domain of gender and science, and contributing to take this same process one step further, also in the perspective...
Project duration: 2014 - 2017
Authors: Felt, Ulrike, Tereza Stöckelová
The chapter maps key modes of orderings and boundaries in current scientific practice in life sciences and social sciences, namely epistemic geography, disciplinarity, excellence, the relation between basic and applied research, modes of orderings within academic institutions, an...
Authors: Garforth, Lisa, Alice Červinková
Chapter is concerned with times and timings at work in epistemic life-spaces. We divide our attention between trajectories and everyday time. The notion of trajectories draws attention to narrated time – the stories that collective and individual actors tell themselves abou...
Authors: Vohlídalová, Marta (ed.)
The publication brings fifteen portraits of couples where both partners work in science, research or teach at a higher education institutions. Interviews focused on couples from different academic disciplines and in different life stages. They included young Ph.D. students with c...
Authors: Linková, Marcela, Červinková, Alice
Building on Law’s modes of mattering (2004), the authors explore enactments of ‘women and science’ in various locations where gender and feminist approaches, science policies and support activities meet in European context. By exploring some of th...
Authors: Linková, Marcela, Tenglerová, Hana
The paper is a report on the conference Beyond the Leaky Pipeline: Challenges for Research on Gender and Science, the final conference to the project Meta-analysis of gender and science research, held in Brussels on 19 and 20 October 2010. It analyses the discoursive frameworks u...
Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences is one of the seven partners in TEACHENER, a project co-financed by the Erasmus+ strategic partnerships programme of the European Commission, which aims to integrate social sciences and humanities into teaching about energy....
Project duration: 2016 - 2019
Authors: Stöckelová, Tereza
Science policies and science studies largely share an understanding of scientific knowledge and objects as immutable mobiles. This article shows how the analysis of research assessment in a non-Anglophone country and its effects on social sciences can shed new light on this...