Authors: Šimon, Martin
The share of foreigners in individualised neighbourhoods in the Czech Republic 2015: a multi-scale approach.This map presents an innovative approach to measuring the residential segregation of the foreign population using the method of individualised neighbourhoods. The method ut...
Authors: Nečas, Vlastimil
Authors: Matějů, Petr, Tomáš Konečný, Michal Franta, Simona Weidnerová, Jiří Večerník, Petr Soukup
The aim of our study is to describe and analyze the distribution of costs devoted to higher education across the public and private dimension. The following section addresses the size, general structure and funding principles of Czech higher education system, as well as particula...
Authors: Hašková, Hana, Alena Křížková, Marcela Linková (eds.)
For its strong informative value and its description of the multifarious activities of pro-women and feminist groups the publication In Multiple Voices (Mnohohlasem) will certainly be welcome reading among the academic, political and activist communities. The book shows that what...
Authors: Mansfeldová, Zdenka, David M. Olson, Petra Rakušanová (eds.)
Authors: Bernard, Josef
The chapter deals with a comparison of theoretical claims on processual features of community care planning and the reality of their application in praxis. The participative features of the process are accentuated in the chapter. The author shows that there exist some institution...
Authors: Kostelecký, Tomáš
The opinions of the regional elite on the development possibilities of the regions were analyzed. Most of respondents are optimistic. The effort in gaining the money from EU funds, preferential support for domestic small and medium enterprises, and the support for the development...
Authors: Benáček, Vladimír
The project The Adjustment of the Czech Labour Force: Changing Job Structures, Wage Disparities and Work Orientations aimed to use various data sources to describe changes in the field in the last decade. Studies on various topics are collected to provide a multidimensional pictu...
This issue of Socioweb is the fourth English language edition, and I would very much like to take this opportunity as editor to welcome you to the Czech Republic’s leading web based sociological magazine. Socioweb provides a window for presenting current research into topics...
Authors: Lux, Martin, Tomáš Kostelecký (eds.)
The objective of the book is to inform social sector practitioners, policy makers, government officials and analysts about the specific features of housing market operation and discuss the role of housing policy in general and in the Czech Republic in particular. In the second se...
Authors: Straková, Jana
In international comparative studies exhibits the Czech education system strenghts but also many weaknesses. Czech society is not aware of those weaknesses and is fully satisfied with the quality of Czech education system. This satisfaction could compromise the competitive strang...
Authors: Fox, Mary Frank, Whittington, Kjersten Bunker, Linková, Marcela
Gender hierarchies in the scientific workforce reflect and reinforce relations of status and power in societies. Concentrating on the United States and European Union, this chapter reveals deep and persistent gender disparities in participation by scientific field, and in perform...
18. 4. 2024
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Authors: Lux, Martin et al
The authors of the book „Housing – Res Publica“ describe the development of housing policies in selected developed and transitional societies and they especially provide the description and comparison of different systems of social housing and housing allowances...
Authors: Mikešová, Renáta
The first part of the book brings the description of the concept of culture, the overview of legislation, analyses of conceptual and strategic documents related to culture, analyses of available data about the culture infrastructure and an overview of available financial sources...
Authors: Vobecká, Jana, Soňa Ulrychová
This chapter examines the political impact of suburbanisation in Horoměřice. The study discusses the demographic changes, political behaviour and civic participation, especially the participation of people who have newly moved into the neighbourhood.
Authors: Sunega, Petr
The first part of the paper introduces the Department of Economic Sociology, and the second part presents an example of the research team’s outcome, published in the study “Housing Standards 2002/03: Financial Affordability and Attitudes towards Housing”. The th...
Authors: Švarcová, Markéta, Pospíšilová, Marie
Entrepreneurship during pandemics and crises in the context of gender inequalities. Policy brief.Whether the pandemic can be perceived as an opportunity to reduce gender inequality in entrepreneurship was the main question of the participatory workshop that we organized at the In...
Authors: Tuček, Milan (ed.)
The monograph discusses following social cohesion issues in the Czech society: social inequalities, social tension, social justice, trust and legitimacy, cohesion in spatial dimension, and influence of bridging social capital on social cohesion. Though the widely held agreement e...
Authors: Jíchová, Jana, Šimon, Martin
The Stability of Crime at Places: A Case Study of a Czech CityResearch into the concentration of crime at places is a long-standing research area in environmental criminology. Studies demonstrate the practical potential of geo-localised data for criminological and security resear...