Authors: Matějů Petr, Blanka Řeháková, Natalie Simonová
The paper addresses the development of higher education in the Czech Republic after 1989. Using a loglinear analysis the authors modelled the influence of social origin on the chances of making a successful transition between secondary and tertiary education in the years between...
Authors: Večerník, Jiří, Petr Matějů
Authors: Vobecká, Jana, Piguet, Virginie
This paper examines long-term trends in fertility and recent reversals in natural increase, net migration, and general fertility across residential contexts in the post-communist Czech Republic. Long-term differentials are analysed on the cumulative fertility of cohorts whose fer...
Authors: Vobecka, Jana
This book studies the unique demographic behavior of Jews in Bohemia, starting from a moment in history when industrialization in Central Europe was far away in the future and when Jews were still living legally restricted lives in ghettos. Under conditions not stipulated by conv...
Authors: Matějů, Petr, Petra Anýžová
The Role of Human Capital in Labour Market Outcomes: A Comparative Study of Six European Nations Participating in the PIAAC Project. The main objective of the paper is to examine the role of measured competencies in labour market outcomes in two groups of European nations (the Cz...
Authors: Šimon, Martin
A key issue in socio-economic geography is to understand how regional and social polarisation shapes the territorial organisation of society. We argue that effects of polarisation are not translated simply and straightforwardly in a whole region, but vary to a large extent with r...
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Head of department: Mgr. Nela Hesová
ESA 2015
Na konci srpna, 25.–28. 8. 2015, se bude v Praze konat významná, již 12. mezinárodní sociologická konference Evropské sociologické asociace. Zúčastní se jí rekordní počet 3500 vědců a vědkyň, především z Evropy, ale i z mnoha mimoevropských zemí. Konferenci pořádá Sociologický ús...