Project duration: 
2015 - 2017

The project follows up a succesful launch of the CESSDA project and concentrates on the sustainability for the widened network and its full European coverage. Coordination, networking activities, and stakeholder forums will be delivered and relationship between national ministries, Research Councils, and the social science research community will be built. Relevant work in other completed initiatives (eg. SERSCIDA, DASISH, DwB) would be taken up and moved to the next stage of practical and direct support for achieving membership of the CESSDA Research Infrastructure. National opportunities for using European structural funds and other sources of support will be explored. The approach is to ensure the national and European economic and social benefits, and the positive returns on investment, that are achieved through membership of CESSDA.


Horizon 2020; INFRADEV-3-2015: Individual implementation and operation of ESFRI projects. Project No. 674939

sociological data
Grant agency: 
International project