Parental Desires and Intentions of Czech Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Men and Women

Project duration: 
2018 - 2020

The project will study parental desires and intentions among LGB individuals from a non-heteronormative standpoint, an under-researched topic in the Czech Republic. A mix of quantitative and qualitative methods will help us explain the factors influencing their variability, how they are formed and what meanings actors attach to them. The mixed-methods design will elucidate the object of research in ways that a single methodology could not achieve. The results will help better understand the changes in intimacy taking place in late-modern society and the interference between sexual and (non)parental identities.

Project goals are: (a) to explain, from a non-heteronormative standpoint, the variability of parental desires and intentions in the LGB population, (b) to grasp how they are formed in our social context, and (c) to help understand the changes affecting contemporary society in the realm of intimacy.

Grant agency: 
Czech Science Foundation (GACR)