Completed project

Changes of working life quality

Project duration: 
2014 - 2015


The project is focused on the analysis of changes in the quality of working life, and on the implementation of an already developed methodology of its continuous observation. Outputs: 1. A publication analyzing the state and trends in perception of work and work values; 2. Two online SW for representation of development of the quality of working life, and for the possibility of comparison of individual and representative data; 3. Methodology for feedback on the impact of governance on the quality of working life by using “SQWL Indicator” and created SW.

Aim of the project

The aim of the project is to transfer the results of research work in the real functioning of society and to increase emphasis and orientation of socio-economic policy on quality of work and life, including human and decent working conditions for the performance of working activities of the Czech population.
Improving of the quality of social and economic policy and public administration requires a system of feedback, continuous evaluation of their effectiveness and impact, with the use of modern methods which this project will bring to the area of work. Specifically, it will be the knowledge and tools to monitor the status and development of the value, importance and satisfaction with the work and occupation of the Czech population.
Results of the project will be: modern design publication on the state and the development of the quality of working life in the Czech Republic, methodology of implementation of quality of working life feedback for MoLSA, originally created software „SQWL Presentation“ and „SQWL Individual“ for on-line individua comparison with data representing all workers. 


Quality of working life; subjectively perceived quality of working life; value and importance of work; labour trends; satisfaction in work and life; impact assessment of governance; feedback


Principal investigator: 
Výzkumný ústav bezpečnosti práce, v.v.i.
standard of living
Grant agency: 
Technology agency of the Czech republic