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Konečný, Tomáš, Josef Basl, Jan Mysliveček, Natalie Simonová. 2012. „Alternative models of entrance exams and access to higher education: the case of the Czech Republic.“ Higher Education 63 (2): 219-235. ISSN 0018-1560.

The study compares the potential effects of a university admission exam model based on program-specific knowledge and an alternative model relying on general study aptitude (GSA) in the context of a strongly stratified educational system with considerable excess of demand over supply of university education. Using results of the Sonda Maturant 1998 survey, we show that in the specific context of the Czech Republic, displaying the above characteristics in the given period, an admission exam model based on general study aptitude tests may improve the access of talented individuals with lower socioeconomic status to university education.

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