Peer-reviewed journal article
Nešpor, Zdeněk R., Martina Hornofová, Martin Jakoubek. 2002. „Čeští nekatolíci v rumunském Banátu a v Bulharsku. Část čtvrtá - Religiozita reemigrantů. Závěry.“ Lidé města / Urban People 4 (8): 85-104. ISSN 1212-8112.

The article concerns on Czechs in Banat and Bulgaria, who reemigrated to Czechoslovakia after the WWII. Their specific piety, to which previous three parts of the study were concened, was perpetued during these conditions and it played certain group-integrational role in comparation to mostly atheistic outer Czech society. In the 1990s come to process once more reemigration of Czechs from Romania, which can be characterized by important intraconfessionality, as well as strict, religiously motivated ascetic ethic of the newcommerrs to the Czech Republic, which is in sharp contrast to values and habits of the majority (eg. in work relations).


migration and mobility
religion and religiosity
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