Chapter in monograph
Matějů, Petr, Blanka Řeháková, Natalie Simonová. 2007. „The Czech Republic: Structural Growth of Inequality in Access to Higher Education.“ Pp. 374-399 in Shavit, Yossi, Richard Arum, Adam Gamoran (eds.). Stratification in Higher Education. A Comparative Study. Stanford: Stanford University Press. 504 s. ISBN 0-8047-5462-4.

The chapter addresses a hypothesis according to which inequality in access to higher education did not decrease during socialism, while it has grown during the post-communist transformation. The analysis revealed that the only significant change that occurred during socialism was a decrease of inequality between men and women. It also confirmed a significant growth in the effect of class background on the odds of making the transition between secondary and tertiary education after 1989.


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