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Vinopal, Jiří. 2012. „The Discussion of Subjective Quality of Working Life Indicators.“ Sociológia / Slovak Sociological Review 44 (3): 385-401. ISSN 0049-1225.

The Discussion of Subjective Quality of Working Life Indicators. This article discusses the main types of methodological approaches to the examination of subjective working life quality. In particular, it points out their common traits and differences and therefore shows their potentials as well as weaknesses in different survey purposes. Analysis of Czech worker survey data is based on the dual concept of the quality of working life, which is addressed in the first parts of the study. Two basic dimensions of the concept are described as a problem of a combination of objective characteristics and their subjective perception by workers. A system of three main levels which can produce relevant information for working life quality analysis (micro-, meso- and macro-) is introduced. Special attention is paid to a discussion of various types of survey questions (simple question, one-dimensional set of items, multi-dimensional set of items). The paper shows which kind of information they can deliver and how they work in different survey data analyses. At the same time, their different potentials in the case of meritory analysis are discussed. In connection with two fundamental objectives that may be pursued in the study of working life quality, i.e., the construction of an aggregate indicator and comprehensive analysis, the options and pitfalls involved in the merging of these different areas are commented on.


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