Chapter in monograph
Souto-Otero, M., Favero, L., Bašná, K., Humburg, M., Oberheidt, S. 2022. „Erasmus (+) student mobility: individual and institutional motivations and effects.“ Tierney, R.; Rizvi, F.; Ercikan, K. International Encyclopedia of Education. Elsevier. ISBN 978-0-12-818629-9.

The Erasmus programme was established in 1987, Erasmus has become the largest international student mobility programme in the world and is seen by Europeans as one of the most positive results achieved by the European Union. The chapter reviews, first, the literature on the motivations of students and institutions to take part in the Erasmus programme and its effects. It then makes use of data from a recent survey of over 700 HE leaders and 3,000 mobile staff to study institutional motivations and effects in greater depth. Finally, the chapter discusses the future of international student mobility within the context of the programme.


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