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Křížková, Alena, Hašková, Hana. 2008. „Gender (In)Equalities in Employment and Care in the Czech Republic during the EU Accession and EU Membership.“ Pp. 45-59 In Kaselitz, V., P., Ziegler (eds.) . Gleichstellung in der erweiterten Europaischen Union/Gender Equality in the Enlarged European Union. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. ISBN 978-3-631-57237-5.

The focus in the following article lies on the interconnection between employment and care in the Czech Republic. To begin with we present the institutional framework for gender equality that has been introduced in the Czech Republic during the EUaccession period. First, we focus on the gender structure of the labour market and the national employment strategy from thepoint of view of gender equality (as an example we choose the gender pay gap); second, we look at the conditions for work/life balance in Czech families and third, we present the opinions of the Czech population on gender inequalities. We argue that even though the framework for the enforcement of gender equality has been formally established mainly because of the accession ofthe Czech Republic to the EU, structural and individual gender inequalities persist.


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