Peer-reviewed journal article
Šubrt, Jiří, Jiří Vinopal. 2010. „K otázce historického vědomí obyvatel České republiky.“ Naše společnost 8 (1): 9-20. ISSN 1214-438X.

This article describes the results of an initial survey which is a part of broader project of
sociological research into the historical consciousness of inhabitants of the Czech Republic. Firstly,
the topic is put into the context of conceptions of historical consciousness and collective memory.
This is followed by an outline of the public's interests in history and its different fields, their sources
of information and self-evaluation of historical knowledge. Next the article deals with the issue of
Czech national history, especially how the public evaluates different historical periods and the level
of pride Czech people feel about their national history. The final section addresses the problem of
the historical consciousness of citizens on a more general level; it summarizes opinions on the course
of the historical process, the importance of different influences on it, and also on the role which
history plays in contemporary society.


value orientations
politics (and political attitudes)
public opinion
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