Peer-reviewed journal article
Nešpor, Zdeněk R. 2010. „L’amnésie de la remémoration dans la société tchèque.“ Archive de Sciences Sociales des Religions 55 (149): 109-128. ISSN 0335-5985.

The paper provides information on the state of religion in contemporary Czech Republic, including the extraordinary high rates of declared atheism, which essence the author describes in terms of anticlericalism and widespread privatized religious/spiritual forms. In the Czech case, there is emphasized that religious “amnesia” did not emerged as a result of reduction of interest in religion and “religious illiteracy” in the late modernity, but as an expression of hostility towards too many mutually inconvertible efforts of revitalization of religious “memories” forcibly coming from above in the 19th century, and mutatis mutandis also in the major part of the 20th century. Popular dislike for such pressures, their recent differentiation and deconstruction have not lead to wider tolerance between religious and unreligious parts of the society, however, they have sharpened mutual struggle among (various) devotees of both sides.


religion and religiosity
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