Peer-reviewed journal article
Vinopal, Jiří. 2015. „Mají Češi dobrou práci? I.“ Časopis výzkumu a aplikací v profesionální bezpečnosti 8 (speciální č. Kvalita pracovního života). ISSN 1803-368. Available from:

Surveys of the quality of working life in the Czech Republic usually reveal the positive image of reality, in which most workers are satisfied with their job or in which the average satisfaction found in positive values of offered scales. This text is the first part of the two states, which are trying to disrupt this simplified illustration demonstrating a discrepancy between whether workers evaluate different aspects of working life in their current job as good or bad, and how important are these aspects for them. In the first part, based on original survey instrument SQWL, is mainly shown that Czech workers evaluate aspects of their work as good, and which are not, and which aspects are important to them more and which less.

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