Peer-reviewed journal article
Šafr, Jiří, Häuberer, Julia. 2007. „Měření přemosťujícího sociálního kapitálu: Baterie PSK zjišťující odlišnosti v okruhu přátel.“ Data a výzkum - SDA Info 1 (2): 85-108. ISSN 1802-8152.

A tool for measuring Bridging Social Capital (BSC) is introduced – item battery on diversity in friendships (CVVM 2007-04). Convergent and discriminant validity is verified; there are dimensions of BSC: different life-style, outgroups, different interests. Scales feature high reliability. Construct validity is assessed by SEM of positive effects of structural level of SC (friendship diversity) on cultural one (tolerance, trust). Suggestions for usage of BSC battery in later research are made.

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