Peer-reviewed journal article
Křížková, Alena. 2006. „Nezájem pověřených. Přístup českých politiků a političek, úředníků a úřednic k otázkám genderové rovnosti.“ Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum 7 (2): 37-41. ISSN 1213-0028.

The aim of this text is to reveal the position of the Czech government and government officials who were responsible for gender and equality issues during the preparation for the Czech Republic’s accession to the EU. Based on this insight I argue that it was the government’s approach to the introduction of legislation on gender equality and on addressing gender discrimination and inequality in Czech society that contributed most to the fact that the new legislation does not work in practice, that no positive or other measures were introduced to support gender equality, and that the potential of gender mainstreaming was never activated and has become just a formal tool that is not used in practice (Roth 2006). I have based my analysis on the results of the project “Constructing Supranational Political Spaces: The European Union, Eastern Enlargement and Women’s Agency”, which was conducted in the Czech Republic and Poland in 2002-2005.

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