Chapter in monograph
Barša, Pavel, Slačálek, Ondřej, Stöckelová, Tereza. 2010. „Od roztržky ke sporu.“ Pp. 195-212 in V., Bělohradský. Kritika depolitizovaného rozumu: úvahy (nejen) o nové normalizaci. Všeň: Grimmus. ISBN 978-80-902831-6-9.

Being slightly polemical with consensualist thrust of the opening article and inspired by Roland Barthes and Carl Schmitt, they outline two moments of politicization. In the first moment, up to now self-evident and given realities are doubted, only to initiate, in the second moment, a dispute that is undecidable rationally and entails the recognition of legitimate enemies. At the close, a typology of various forms of depoliticization is proposed.


politics (and political attitudes)
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