Peer-reviewed journal article
Šafr, Jiří. 2008. „Pojem "společenská soudržnost" v názorech veřejného mínění a hodnotové postoje k uspořádání společenských vztahů.“ Naše společnost 6 (2): 28-38. ISSN 1214-438X.

Šafr, Jiří. 2008. „"The concept of "social cohesion" in public opinion and value attitudes towards the organisation of social relations." Naše společnost 6 (2): 28-38.

We pursue how the concept of "social cohesion" is understood by the Czech public. Answers to the open-ended questions show that different meanings are associated. The statements "what creates a cohesive society" feature three latent dimensions – general value orientations to arrangement of social relations: values of reciprocity/equality, collective identity and European liberalism. Two basic meanings in public opinion, how to achieve a cohesive society can be described as consensus and "functional interpersonal relations".


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