Dvořáčková, J., P. Pabian, S. Smith, T. Stöckelová, K. Šima, T. Virtová. 2014. Politika a každodennost na českých vysokých školách: Etnografické pohledy na vzdělávání a výzkum [Politics and everyday life in Czech universities: Ethnographic perspectives on teaching, learning and research]. Praha: Sociologické nakladatelství.

This publication is the result of a three-year, team-based, ethnographic study of academic and student life in Czech higher education. Five case studies were chosen to reflect a diversity of situations, including elite and peripheral positions, metropolitan and regional locations, public and private legal status, humanities, applied social science, technical and natural science subjects, professional and academic curricula and basic and applied research. Although we collected several types of data (e.g. semi-structured interviews, documents), the bulk of our ‘evidence’ – and the main empirical value of our study – comes from participant observation of the everyday academic life of these ‘communities’.

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