Chapter in monograph
Simonová, Natalie, Petr Soukup. 2009. „Reproduction of educational inequality in the Czech Republic after the Velvet Revolution in the European context.“ Pp. 133-151 in Becker, Rolf, Andreas Hadjar. Expected and Unexpected Consequences of the Educational Expansion in Europe and USA. Bern: Haupt. 424 s. ISBN 978-3-258-07519-8.

This article traces the effect of socio-economic, cultural, and gender factors on the reproduction of educational inequalities in access to tertiary education in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, and Sweden. While this text follows up on previous analyses, the authors also pursue two new directions of inquiry: 1) an international comparison, and 2) an update of the development of inequalities in all the mentioned countries since 2002.

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