Paper published in conference proceedings
Uhde, Zuzana. 2007. „Sexuální obtěžování jako překážka rovných příležitostí žen a mužů.“ Pp. 92–110 in L., Heczková. Vztahy, jazyky, těla. Texty z 1. konference českých a slovenských feministických studií. Praha: Fakulta humanitních studií, Univerzita Karlova. ISBN 978-80-903086-6-4.

Sexual harassment presents one of the key elements implicating gender inequalities on the labour market which is connected with other social and political mechanisms and thus directly affect possibilities to promote equal opportunities of women and men in society. The author focus on critical analysis of the phenomenon of sexual harassment in its broader context of institutionalized cultural value patterns which prevent women to participate as equal on the life of society. She supports her arguments by the empirical research realized by the Gender & sociology Department, Institute of sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic which mapped occurrence of sexual harassment and its perception by individual actors at the working place in the Czech Republic.


social inequalities
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