Chapter in monograph
Brokl, Lubomír, Zdenka Mansfeldová. 1995. „Social Partnership in the Czech Republic.“ Pp. 151-156 in Bischof, Günter, Anton Pelinka (eds.). Austro-Corporatism: Past, Present, Future. Contemporary Austrian studies, Volume 4. New Jersey: Transaction Publishers. 428 s. ISBN 1-56000-833-4.

A collection of essays, forums, and book reviews dealing with the Austria's Austro-corporatism. Offers an evaluation of Austro- corporatism in the larger context of European politics, describes the 19th century and WWI roots of social partnership, and looks at issues such as the Kreisky administration's experiments with Austro- Keynesianism, the Austro-corporatism/tripartism model for the new democracies of East-Central Europe, and conservatism and the new right in Austria today.


politics (and political attitudes)
social policy
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