Peer-reviewed journal article
Nešporová, Olga, Zdeněk R. Nešpor. 2011. „"V žáru lásky se život započal - v žáru ohně se končí." Čtyři pohledy na vývoj kremačního hnutí v české společnosti.“ Soudobé dějiny 18 (4): 563-602. ISSN 1210-7050.

The authors analyse the following mutually reliant but, at least as far as Czech society is concerned, not always directly dependent aspects of the cremation movement in the 20th century: the growth in and impact of pro-cremation propaganda, the establishment of new crematoria, the spread in the popularity of cremation as a method of disposal throughout society and changes in the rituals associated with it. Contemporary Czech society has (one of) the highest cremation rates in Europe, a fact which is connected with deeply-rooted Czech anticlericalism and the path dependency of funeral rituals which became firmly entrenched during the communist era.


religion and religiosity
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