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Simonová, Natalie. 2006. „Vzdělanostní nerovnosti a vzdělanostní mobilita v období socialismu.“ Pp. 62-91 in Matějů, Petr, Jana Straková (eds.). (Ne)rovné šance na vzdělání. Vzdělanostní nerovnosti v České republice. Praha: Academia. 408 s. ISBN 80-200-1400-4.

In this chapter I try to recapitulate up to now findings about character and extent of educational inequalities in the socialist Czech Republic in the period from 1916 to 1995. I also try to verify and update these findings through a new mobility analysis. I ask two key questions: In what ways are these mobility systems (pre-socialist and socialist) different? Was the Czech education system and indirectly the Czech society as a whole becoming more or less open?

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