Linek, Lukáš, Štěpán Pecháček. 2006. Základní charakteristiky členské základny KDU-ČSL. Sociologické studie / Sociological Studies 06:6. Praha: Sociologický ústav AV ČR. 48 s. ISBN 80-7330-094-X.

This study describes the socio-demographic structure of the membership base of the Christian Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party (KDU-ČSL) and the party’s voters. It is based on a questionnaire survey carried out among the party’s membership base in the middle of 2005. Only part of the survey’s results is used in this study. The membership base is examined according to when member-respondents joined the party and where they reside – Bohemia or Moravia. The analysis focuses mainly on the members’ basic characteristics: age, education, occupation, place of residence, and the year the person joined the party. Attention is also devoted to the level of religiosity, religious confession, subjective affinity with the party, and family influence on joining the party. The membership base of KDU-ČSL is characterised by a high level of religiosity and by confessional homogeneity. Subjective affinity with the party is also strong. A significant finding is that in KDU-ČSL the turnover of the membership base is not continuous. The aims of the research, the selected methodology, and the representative data set are described in the Appendix.

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